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HelloNice to Meet You

Nice to meet you, friend!  I hope, that you will enjoy with my NFT Collection and after that we can create something great together!



Where magic is happeningDe Collection

This project is our genesis NFT collection and will be available to mint on the Solana blockchain. The collection consists of 1,111 unique 2D fine art that provide access to  the secondary 3D collection ready for metaverse.

What isDe Skates

The DeSkates collection consists of 1,111 2D pieces designed by hand by humans, we wanted to rescue the tradition of handmade design and not use artificial intelligence or other technologies that deliver results that do not always represent what the creator has in mind.
Our collection comes from the idea of joining two great passions, technology and Skateboarding, both are a fundamental part of the life of the team members and in the NFTs we found the ideal way to represent it and to involve the community.

Who is behind theProject

The entire development of the project, from the initial idea to its implementation has been created by PixelAnalytic, a company dedicated to the design and development of websites and mobile applications. Pixel Analytic is the owner and creator of clipme.app, a platform for the management of links in social networks. The company has its main market in Latin America but has also developed projects for other countries such as Spain.

How does this happen Processing

The entire collection has been designed using Photoshop, each of the backgrounds, skates, trucks, wheels and accessories were created and manipulated by hand, one by one. We are currently working on a 3D collection designed with Blender.

What are the benefits forHOLDERS

We have created a platform for users to design their own clothes using our collection of NFTs or they can do it with their own collections.
-Holders will have exclusive access to new collections already in development.
-Participate and earn tokens while holding NFTs from our collection (staking).
-Access to physical and digital gifts
Discounts to purchase merchandising (skateboards, t-shirts, hats, paintings, etc.).
-Discounts on our platform clipme.app
-And much more!
Other benefits and utilities will be announced later.

What's coming NEXT

The DeSkates collection is just the beginning, we are already working on a second exclusive collection only for Holders and as owners of a company we know how important it is to reinvest profits in generating value for users and the community, so we want to continue launching more collections, utilities and benefits that last over time.


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